Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who's Shouting? War of the Words

Obviouly, somebody is getting restless. The Sigaw ng Bayan came out first, with mouths blazing. Answering the pretender's call to start the great debate, this group spearheaded the defense of the "presidency" through what most called "PI ni Gloria". Now it faces a voice in the wild, One Voice. One Voice is an advocacy group that questions the timing and motive to revise the 1987 Constitution. Despite being banged on all sides by oppposition groups from all sectors, Sigaw launched a signature campaign. Aided (funded?) by the different agencies of government, especially the DILG, they reportedly gathered 10 million votes(?).

While this is yet to be verified, One Voice came out with a tv ad which I found very appealing. Its Sigaw's turn for a media blitz. Coming out with a full page ad which seems to question One Voice's motives and goals and to undermine the personalities behind it. Now we have a word war of sorts, but it does not stop there. It has turned ugly as it seems Sigaw would like to turn a debate on principles to an all-out class war. And I thought the all-out war is directed only at the insurgency. I have yet to hear from One Voice any kind of cheap shot to destroy Sigaw.

Sigaw accused One Voice of being anti-poor. And even cast doubt on One Voice's convenors calling them elitists. I know some of its members come from prominent families but they comprise only a small segment of One Voice. To my understanding both Sigaw and One Voice are multi-sectoral. If we follow Sigaw's assertions that they are composed mostly of the poor, one would wonder where their funding is coming from. To venture into something so big entails a lot of expenses. And this tactic of starting a class war is sickening. Basing on how Malacanang operates, isn't it quite obvious who's bankrolling Sigaw's operations? In the end, the poor will be again at the losing end. This administration has done enough damage to our insitutions and society. I wonder when their lust for power will end.

In the end, credibility will play a very important role in this war of words. I will withold some of my opinions for now and see where this leads to. But one thing is for sure, enshrined in the constitution is my right to vote. And to me, that right is sacred. I will never relinquish that right. I would like to actively participate in choosing who to best lead this nation. I will never allow anybody else to elect for me the leaders of my country.