Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Real Side Of Presidentiables

At a time when the people are reeling from the devastation of Ondoy, three presidential aspirants have taken advantage of the situation. All for the glory of being elected, these three are what we call as "MGA BUWITRE". Manny Villar and Joseph Estrada has shown what they are really made of. Dick Gordon on the other hand think he owns the Philippine Red Cross. Is this the kind of leaders we want in office?
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Manny Villar and Erap did donate. What a noble gesture if only they chose to be anonymous like the other politicians. Villar's relief bags bore his and his wife's name while Erap's claim stub even had his picture printed on it. Gordon took another path. This fake had volunteers and victims alike waiting for hours so he can be the one to distribute relief goods. Hoy Dick, hindi sa'yo ang PRC! What kind of asses are these people? Using the suffering of the people to further their political ambitions.

So what should we do to these villains? The best is to spread the word. They are no better than the looters who take advantage of the helplessness of the victims of Ondoy. They are no better than Gloria and her cohorts who spend billions on lavish trips. They have shown us that they have no morals or conscience. To those who support these three, think again. Only fools and those who stand to benefit from them would continue to support them. Aren't their actions enough reason for you to dump them?

This is the real side of these bozos. They are exploiters. They are liars and fakes. Their candidacy is not of service but of personal gain. How much more of their antics can we take? I will make it my crusade to expose the true colors of these so-called servants. When you are so insensitive to exploit the suffering of the people, you have no right to be elected. Let us not allow these three to fool more people. Let us make sure that their kind never gets elected ever again.