Friday, October 16, 2009

Bayad Muna....Manny

I was surprised to see Satur Ocampo praising Manny Villar on The Probe Profiles last night. My jaw nearly fell off as he spoke. Is this the kind of supposed to be principled people seeking change. As the program went on, Villar was candid enough to admit that everything can be done through "magandang usapan". He also said that every problem can be worked around. You don't have to meet it head on but circumvent it. I suppose this is what he did with his various projects. Case in point, the lack of drainage with one of his subdivisions. He simple let the government solve that problem for him.

Politics is indeed a business in the Philippines. As I dug around to find more about Bayan Muna and Villar, It seems that Bayan Muna is talking to everyone. Is this the partylist who pictures itself pro=poor or even socialist? The party is making sure that every base is covered. It's spreading its ranks so make sure they'll be elected. No wonder folks in the "barrio" are unhappy. The political fronts are keepign all the "goodies" for themselves.

I once admired what Satur stood for. I wanted social justice.But if you cavort with a transactional politician like Villar, then you are no different from any trapo. You therefore have betrayed the very constituents you represent. I'm glad Bayan Muna has exposed its true color this early in the game. Divide and conquer is their strategy all along. With numerous other parties affiliated with them, they're making a killing. They have no right to claim to be agents of change. Mere acceptance of a corrupt individual for the sake or election is totally unacceptable by my stamdards.

I suggest they change their party's name. They do not deserve to called Bayan Muna but Bayad Muna. Villar has promised to bankroll Satur's bid for the senate. Isn't that enough proof that he has betrayed the people? We are all aware how Villar exploits the poor. He feeds on their weaknesses and despair. He is no different than Gloria. He will buy the loyalty of others as Gloria is doing now. Villar sure knows how to exploit the situation and Bayan Muna is has taken the bait. I will no longer super this partylist or its affiliates. When you can sell your sould to the devil for personal gain, then you have no right to be elected.

Principles and values are very important nowadays. It is a must have for anyone who wants to be elected. We are looking for change not a morph of the current political situation. Villar will be seeking more weak people to exploit. I'm sure that it would cost him and he will surely looking for payback should he get elected. Buying people and parties isn't cheap. Bayad Muna Manny bago suporta! I wouldn't be surprised if he would be worst than Gloria. We really should allow these people to reach the halls of the senate and of Malacañan.