Friday, October 23, 2009

Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising

Erap claims his presidential bid is all about redemption. He wants to show the Philippines that he is still loved by the masses. Yes, the masses. The masses whose despair he continues to exploit. It's the very masses who were coerced by the likes of Miriam Santiago and Juan Ponce Enrile to lay their lives on the line in that fateful day in May. Yes the masses who only shows up because they were promised to be paid to attend rallies. I've attended several rallies which Erap attended. The masses he claim to love him so dearly came by the handful.

Yes Erap dreams to redeem himself still believing that the crowds he draws are genuinely supporting him. Erap dreams that he will once again walk the halls of Malacañan as a president. Growing old sure is a sad phase of life wherein you believe and see things that are no longer there. He claims to be imprisoned but never spent a day in a cell with common criminals. He spent his incarceration in the comforts of his resthouse complete with all the amenities five-star hotels offer to their guests.

Erap the dreamer is desperately trying to get the people's sympathy. Yes his a victim, a victim of his arrogance and stupidity. I suppose the years of debauchery has drained whatever sense of reality his brain still had. So why do you think Erap is running for president? Is it about redemption or is he following the statutes of his pardon? The latter I believe is more likely considering the disinterest of GMA and her cohorts. Erap's charisma is gone. Gone with the minute common sense his pea-sized brain that has gone to the dogs.

For whatever reason Erap might have, he is in for a rude awakening. Libre ang mangarap, what is hard is what you see when you finally wake up. The people already know what he is. Regardless of whatever he says or claims to be, Erap will always be the gambler, drunkard and womanizer we all know him to be. He is not genuine opposition, he's in the league with trapos like Villar. His running for the presidency is one that I welcome. Let him embarrass himself. Let him make a fool of himself once again. Sige Erap, mangarap ka pa. Walang masama sa pangarap. Tama yan, ubusin mo ang yaman mo.

I'm sure the COMELEC and the Supreme Court will let him run. They think that he'll be able to split the votes. After all the vote have been counted, the only thing he'll be splitting is his head.