Sunday, October 25, 2009

All Roads Lead to Las Piñas

Why is the C-5 Ext. so important to Manny Villar?How much benefit would he and his family get from it? Villar has many developments in the area. He had been acquiring lands both legally and with brute force from small people who had seen generations of their families live in the city. U[ to the boundaries of Parañaque, you will see small villages and subdivisions owned by the Villars. This also extends up to Cavite. No wonder he has very close ties with the Remullas. Anyway, let's see how all these connect with the controversial C-5 Ext.

From Sucat, the CAA Rd. has been widened. Informal settlers, the public market and several privately owned lots have been removed and expropriated. The CAA Rd. leads to the main road of BF Resort where Villar has bought several lots and have turned them into small villages. All along CAA Rd., Villar has small subdivisions. This then leads to a dike which borders Las Piñas and Cavite. Villar has been expanding his developments to Cavite. He in fact has constructed, of course not with his money, Daang-Hari which traverses Cavite all the way to Muntinlupa. Yes you guessed right, all along Daang-Hari, Villar has several subdivisions. I've used this road several times. Very few people pass through here. Most of course are those who live in his subdivisions.

Going back to the CAA Rd., he intends to build a bridge to cross the dike going to Cavite. Flooding was virtually nonexistent before they decided to build this dike. Now residents of BF Resort, Philam and smaller villages leading to Zapote all experience flooding. In all these, he has managed to convince subdivisions to open their roads to the public. He calls this the "Friendship Route". Stickers are provided to the residents for FREE. But of course the villages had to hire additional guards to man the newly opened gates. Association were forced to increase their fees because of this. Why you may ask I question the motive? The intention seemed noble at first until I found out that his developments are located in the interior areas. Viola! He doesn't have to pay for right-of-way to the other subdivisions, and road maintenance is shouldered by the local government. WALANG GASTOS si Villar. See how he uses public funds to benefit him? Paging Sen. Madrigal, the C-5 scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think he really pushed for the diversion of the C-5 Ext. so he can link all his developments and of course increase their worth. Kaya pala bilyonaryo ka! He has invited his friend SM (remember, kasama niya ito sa C-5 Ext.) to open a second mall in Las Piñas. I couldn't understand this as the other SM is just a few kilometers away and Las Piñas is a very small city. I wonder what connection Villar and SM have.

Villar is a very "good" businessman. He contnues to amass wealth thanks to his position. He sure knows how to get around things. Nga nama, why spend your own money when the government will spend for you? Yan ang "Sipag at Tiyaga" ni Manny Villar. Now I know why he is a millionaire. Ano Mr. Villar, buking na kita. Magaling ka talaga sa RIGHT-OF-WAY. In just a matter of years, you were able to amass such wealth because you have managed to disguise your motives very well. Iba ka talagang kumurakot. Just imagine how much you were able to save because you never had to pay for roads and right-of-way.

This is the kind of person this Manny Villar is. We help fund his developments. No wonder you have no liabilities. Unlike other developers, you don't have to borrow to fund your access roads. Even the drainage systems are paid for by the government. All you have to do is tap into the system. Remember how you did this for your Camella Homes which did not have a drainage system? Remember how homeowners complained that their bathrooms drained to the kitchen? Kaya pala mura ang mga bahay sa'yo. kulang-kulang. Other subdivisions have small treatment plants for their waste water, yung sa'yo ba meron?

Elections are still in May. I'll have more time to dig up dirt on you. I'll expose how rotten you really are. The people deserve to know what kind of president you will be. I'm very sure that you will definitely surpass Gloria's notoriety.