Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dick and Manny: The Dynamic Dodos

So now Dick blames organizers for the "rumors(?)" about his abuse of the Red Cross. The poor fellow who wrote about this, his peers and even the hapless victims now appear as liars. Pardon me Mr. Gordon, kanino bang mukha ang lumalabas sa TV ads ng Red Cross? 'Di ba sa'yo? So please spare us from your "palusot", di kami mga tanga. Organizers wouldn't act without your orders. Since you showed interest in the presidency, you've been trying to get as much media exposure as you possibly can. You're a fake and nothing else. If you're not, then let the PRC do its work without your face being there. I'm sure the PRC has beautiful faces other than yours.

Ikaw naman Mr. Villar, how can you even "account for every centavo" the government will use during calamities when you can't even make yourself account for the C-5 scandal? Why target the tax collection when you are one of those who's been inserting billions in the national budget which we taxpayers are funding. Get real, be a man and face your accuser in the senate. Where were you when OFWs were camping outside the Saudi consulate waiting to go home? Ayan, naunahan ka tuloy ni Gloria. I thought you cared for these people? At least that's what your infomercial shows, thankful, sobbing OFWs you helped to go home. How many were they again, seven? Las Pinas doesn't flood before you created that dike. I used to fish there and now it's a filthy canal which you plan to erect a bridge over.

Do I also need to remind you about the Daang-Hari road which I think will be another charge that would be raised against you? Talk about accountability. How about the school which was planning to build a dorm for their teachers which you've been blocking the building permit? The school lost so many good teachers because of this. Is this what we expect for your education program? What about SM's attempt to tap the drainage system of Philam Life Village which the homeowners opposed? Come to think of it, you and SM benefited from the C-5 extension. Hmmmm...I smell something fishy again. Mag-partner ba kayo?

I wish these two would stop hammering us with lies. Buking na kayo humihirit pa. What else is new, it's the same traditional antics these two are using.