Friday, October 09, 2009

Job Well Done

Gloria praised the ineptitude of he stooges for their handling of Ondoy. In fairness to those on the ground and despite their lack of resources, they really tried their best. But for those on the top, what job did they do well. For starters, funds were definitely misused. How many rubber boats could have been bought with the infomercials of Teodoro, Puno and Fernando. These three spent millions to promote their "accomplishments" kuno. Gibo even had a commercial for disaster preparedness which didn't amount to anything.

As donations continue to pour in, they even had the time to play politics which added to the suffering of those affected by Ondoy. What did Gloria do, she sent an emissary to Ateneo to ask for relief goods much to the dismay of the teachers and students who volunteered. Are the presidential funds so depleted that they had to source their relief goods from private relief centers? How many dopller radars could PAGASA have acquired if only they scrimped a little from Gloria's lavish trips abroad? How much has Gloria poured into Pampanga that she forgot that there is a country called the Republic of the Philippines and there is no Republic of Pampanga in existence? Perhaps Pampanga should secede from the rest of the country since it seems their local leaders love her so much.

The only job this government does so well is to spend money like its their own. Kung sabagay, what are they in power for? As Gloria's popularity plummets more, her mouthpiece once again blames their favorite punching bag, the media. What's wrong with calling it as they see it? Just imagine if the media closed its eyes to what the government has been doing, kawawa na tayo talaga. If only I will be allowed, I wouldn't give this officials a pat on the back and praise them for a job well done. I'd probably whack them on the back with a baseball bat for allowing such a catastrophe to happen.

Now Glorai and her cohorts wants to extend the state of calamity. For what, so they can get more kickbacks from projects without public bidding? The country entered a state of calamity the day Gloria stepped into office. That was the start of a disaster that would go on for 8 disastrous years. How I wish the elections were now so we can finally rid ourselves of a catastrophe she brought upon us. What she brought with her was not only environmental but moral disaster as well. The sooner she leaves office, the faster we can rebuild the nation. Job well done Gloria, you've brought the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse sooner than God planned.