Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Disservice To The Filipino People

"God gave me a sign", this is what most aspiring candidates say in justifying their desire to run. As if God has not had enough, being crucified, His name is now being blasphemed by personalities seeking public office. It seems that whenever we have elections, our politicians suddenly become visionaries. With this statement, politicians paint themselves as messiahs, God-sent to save the people. What is surprising is how the clergy allow themselves to be pawns in this charade to fool the electorate.

As if we need saving, what we actually need is divine intervention to rid us of these opportunists. I have yet to witness a candidate in a trance, this would be a sight to see. I know our trapos speak in tongues, forked tongues that is. We hear promise after promise but have yet to see them materialize. What I'd like to see is God coming down from heaven and hitting them on the head for using His name in vain.

Another favorite is, "I want to serve the people". Movie and sports personalities often use this. How stupid these people can be. We have citizens who never seek public office and yet spend their time and resources to serve our people. Celebrities in other countries use their popularity to gain support for their advocacies and charities. They lobby for the betterment of people the world over. They offer themselves to the people of the world for free.

Here, its a totally different situation, our celebrities use their name to get elected. How convenient it is for them to use their fame to get more glory. Its plain ego-tripping if you ask me. They have fame, they have fortune and yet they want more. Their lust for glory is so insatiable that they even toy with the simplicity of the masses' minds. They cry to get the people's sympathy and votes. They play out their role like its their last performance.

Its such a sickening sight seeing these people lie through their teeth all for the sake of getting elected. They allow themselves to be pawns of trapos who exploit their status to fool the people. They talk of sincerity yet they have none. We who can see through their theatrics only know too well of their intentions, but what about the masses who are seduced by their empty promises and lies?

There are however some celebrities who rise to the occasion. They actually outperform even the most seasoned politicians. They adhere to their principles and advocacies. But these are a rare breed. Their pure hearts result in genuine service. They're more of the exception than the rule.

Its election time once more and these celebrities are coming out of the woodwork once again. A new group of visionaries and servants are emerging. But all are definitely proxies of big politicians out to hoodwink the electorate. Its obvious that they are being used by some trapo to consolidate his/her power. We will finally see our congressmen after three years. We will see our mayors repair our roads and public markets. We will see their ugly faces plastered all over our communities. Our siestas will be ruined by blaring jingles of some Pontius Pilate begging for our vote.

Its party time once again and I am bracing myself for the onslaught. My head spins from the constant bombardment of Boom, Tarat, tarat and I have to time and again clear my eyes of Pichay's insincere face. Angara daw ng buhay but every time I look out my window, I see the squatters in my area. The Dragon becomes a lizard when investigating the Arroyos, the "Tol" has done nothing for his constituents but runs to the rescue of GROs at a moments notice. We all know about the "doggies in the window" and who would forget the sultan who prides himself with a harem. AmiGO, with his biofuel which would benefit his family greatly and who once chided Chiz for hanging out with the likes of Rep. Magtubo. Cesar Asar whose only role is a crowd drawer during rallies, and the most famous of all, Precious, the Original Lord of the Rings, we all know the evil that lurks in the ring. Lastly Mr. Santos who brought his entire family to the brink of destruction all in the name of rebuilding their tarnished name.

There are a host of candidates in the local arena, but that's another post. As I see it, its a disservice to the Filipino people. The lies and deceit all in the name of power.