Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Militarist Asses

Sorry about the language, but I just cannot find a tamer word to describe the warlords in power. I speak of no one else but the three mentally deranged asses, Hermogenes Esperon, Eduardo Ermita and Norberto Gonzales. This is the problem with people who impose deadlines which they could not meet, instead, they cut corners to solve a social problem. The Communist bogey has long been dead and only paranoid dimwits would believe otherwise. The cold war is a thing of the past. The iron curtain has been torn to shreds. Even the North Korean problem is being addressed through diplomacy. And China is now the biggest capitalist.

These three bozos seem to have their brains in their asses. They resort to scare tactics to propagate their road plan to peace(?). At what cost? At the cost of more than 830 lives who has yet to see justice. Now they threaten to outlaw the Communist Party and justify their Jurassic acts. As if the people has had enough of their militarization, they now shroud their true intentions with intimidation and murder.

In the age of a civilized world, they seem to have forgotten how peace can never be achieved through the barrel of the gun. They may kill thousands but more would take the place of those who fell. Peace can never be achieved if bloodthirsty warlords are allowed to reign in a civilized society. Obviously, these three pea-brains have not learned from the different conflicts that have battered the world. They continue to live in the past which have seen millions of lives wasted.

Scars from these conflicts continue to be felt the world over. Violence and repression are acts committed only by narrow-minded megalomaniacs. Despotic mentality has no place in market of free ideas. While they accuse the Left of terroristic acts, they too commit terrorism.

Obviously, GMA has lost control. When she cannot control those under her, this only shows she is a lame duck. With all the political debt she had incurred, its no wonder why she would toe the line of these three. She continues to remain silent while her warlords wreak havoc on the populace. She would rather praise them for their inhuman acts than risk being overthrown by a coup. If she had balls, they're tightly held by Esperon.

We now live in a backward society as I pointed out in my previous post. We can now throw away whatever gains were made through peaceful means. The sad part is that the people are too scared to speak lest be branded as communists. While government ask party-lists to denounce the NPA, they have yet to denounce the extra-judicial killings obviously perpetrated by security forces. They have yet to denounce the and even work for landlords who disregard our land reform laws. They have yet to denounce the killings of labor leaders whose only concern is the welfare of the labor force.

Instead of addressing legitimate social concerns, they do away with talk and let their guns do the talking. We are not in some African country were warlords reign and lives are cheap. Unless we do away with the militarist mindset, more and more people will pay with their lives all for the cause genuine change.