Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Parrot In Monk's Robes

With priests like Gaudencio Rosales, its no wonder why Catholics are seeking the Lord elsewhere. I will not address him as cardinal as he does not deserve the title. I would rather call him a parrot. For someone who is supposed to be a preacher of morality, he seems to lacking much of it. The Church has no room from impostors like him.

The Catholic Church is better off without him. He should be sitting with the likes of Norbie, Raul and the two Hermogeneses in the council of the enchanted kingdom. He seems insensitive to the killings around him and even has the gall to belittle the claims of the human rights victims.

As a Catholic, I cannot and will never respect Rosales for his views about the killings that are going on. He should not be justifying the abuses committed by the state against members of the progressive groups just because the rebels are doing it too. There's a world of difference between the two. The rebels are outlaws and do not operate within the framework of law while the AFP should be upholding the law.

Whether the killings is just a speck compared to what happened during the Marcos years is irrelevant. Murder is still murder Mr. Rosales. Its still the same whether its just one or a thousand. The Vatican should kick you out for being an insensitive fool. Are you saying that as long as the abuses and killings are few and far between, that it is justified? There could never be a distinction nor a justification for such acts.

Rosales definitely is an outcast, a lost soul who should get out of the church and join Gloria instead. Instead of being a defender of the faith and the teacher of men, his immoral views regarding runs contrary to the word of God. Mr. Rosales, I implore you to leave the church for you are a disgrace to those who truly serve the people.