Sunday, March 25, 2007

From Dancing To Drama: Oreta's "I am sorry"

I had the misfortune of seeing the latest "political" ad of Tessie Oreta. The setting was that of a one on one interview where she talks of her "dancing prowess" during the botched Erap impeachment. In tears, she apologized for how she pranced to mock the people in the stands. This of course sealed the fate of Erap who was subsequently ousted.

She added that as if the load she had been carrying for the past years has been finally removed. I am appalled by the theatrics she had used. It seems that she has more talents than previously manifested. She gave the best actresses of the land a run for their money with her new campaign ad. Sincerity madame, that's what is lacking, pure sincerity.

It was nothing but a pathetic attempt to improve her ratings. She had been wallowing in the 20s in the surveys. Her image maker sure knows how to reinvent Oreta. But deny as she may, the people can clearly see her motive for doing this ad. Its to woo the electorate. I must admit that her acting was superb. Acting, that's all there is to it. If she believed that she had done wrong, she should have apologized earlier.

She also emphasized how fully aware she is with the criticisms her latest ad would get. She opined she did it to give closure and to follow her conscience. Closure? Conscience? I'll let her brother Rep. Butz Aquino ask her instead.

Alas, she deserves to be in Team Unity. Her president did that in 2005 after the Garci tapes came out. Her colleagues in the slate are also a bunch of actors, literally and figuratively. I would love to discuss how Pichay, Zubiri, Defensor and the rest of the gang has also been acting, but that calls for another post.

I hope you get to see the ad for yourself. I'm quite sure you'll feel sick in the gut like I did. Its not politicians who should be afraid of our actors, its the actors who should feel threatened by these politicians.