Friday, April 17, 2009

An Ax To Grind

I was shocked to hear of the tragedy that happened to the the family of ABS-CBN newscaster, Ted Failon. I've been an avid listener of his program for quite sometime now. With the tragedy, the Philippine National Police now has something to go after Mr. Failon. I heard his explosive and passionate commentaries against the police following the spate of rub outs elements of the PNP had been involved in.

With the way this case is going, it is so obvious that the PNP is doing everthing to get back at Ted. I hope that the PNP could also employ the same tenacity and passion they are displaying now with the cases their own personnel are involved in.

I also saw clips of how elements of the PNP totally disregarded the suspects rights when "inviting" them to shed light on the case. I am not siding with anyone here, but I don't trust the PNP. They are to me the epitome of what "legal bandits" are. It is also obvious that they are going to pin this on Mr. Failon no matter what. The SOCO should watch the Discovery Channel so they would learn a thing or two about forensics. Even the way the PNP top brass have been throwing around statements indicates that they are bent on nailing Ted.

The PNP now has Ted by the balls. I'm sure they'll exert pressure on the witnesses(?) to get back at Ted. Maybe this will somehow stop Mr. Failon's tirades. I'm sure the truth will come out in the end. Legal harassment is always a better option than an outright threat.

*BTW, I'm still alive and kicking although hampered by my waning sight, I'm still here still here, full of passion and patriotism. Thanks to all who have expressed their concern.