Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Writing

Whenever the opposition exposes suspicious actions by Gloria's allies, Malacanang would quickly respond and call it figments of imagination. But when caught red-handed or when going after its detractors, expect them to eat their words and become creative writers. This has been the case with Gloria's government, they are bestselling fiction writers masquerading as public officials.

Take the case of unemployment. Our officials are masters of creating new definitions to hide their incompetence. A simple twist of words and viola, unemployment or employment whichever the case may be has been redefined. I wouldn't be surprised if hidden in the deep recesses of the palace, neatly tucked away is a pool of writers pirated from big media outfits whose sole responsibility is to weave a web of lies and half truths. No wonder we don't have very poor shows on local television.

But this is not limited to the palace. Every single government office has its own team of creative writers. Notice how police incompetence was exposed in the Faelon case, they were reported as rescuers of the kidnapped ICRC volunteer. The DOJ so far has the best team in government. At its helm is the best and brightest, most prolific creative writer the Philippine literature community had ever seen. Often times accused of senility, he had proven time and again that creativity does pay.

Not to be outdone is the House of Reprehensibles. They have a fantastic team of writers that churn out some of the best stage plays of the land. Worthy of a crack in Broadway. the lower house not only bewilders the imagination but can actually cloud the people's senses. No wonder Filipinos have become self-centered cynics instead of patriotic movers.

Looking for a rewarding career? If Gloria succeeds in her Cha-Cha bid and declares herself perpetual ruler of the land, our kids should consider the field of creative writing. With the kind of leaders we have, they'll surely need thousands of writers.