Monday, April 20, 2009

AO 261

Our globetrotting illegitimate president has issued another administrative order. AO 261 reiterates her call to government agencies to tighten their belts. How nice of her to remind our agencies to save. Just recently, I saw a government vehicle going into a parking lot of a mall on a Saturday. Yes, a weekend and I'm sure it's not an official business.

Alright, so government offices have been turning off their lights and air condition to save on their electrical bills. At least some government vehicles remain parked in their lots instead of being used for private affairs by its employees. I just wonder how much we will save if Gloria would stop chartering flights and taking dozens of her allies on her trips abroad? I'm sure she'll say that its for her security and that those with her are on official business.

If only she is well loved by the people, she wouldn't be scared of taking a regular flight. If only she doesn't have any political debts to pay, she wouldn't be dragging with her every Tom, Dick and Harriet with their spouses in tow, to her trips abroad. Or does she have other businesses to attend to in the guise of trying to secure jobs and investments? Only she can answer that.

But speculating aside, Gloria should set an example for our public servants to follow. The fact of the matter is that she is all rhetoric. Let the others conserve, after all, she is president. I wonder how much the government would have saved if she did not take so many trips to Dubai? Maybe I should ask Ellen Tordesillas, she might have a ballpark figure.

Tighten your belts she says. She has also asked every Filipino to do that at the beginning of the financial crisis. At present, Filipinos are becoming anorexic from tightening our belts while she and her family looks like plump turkeys ready to be slaughtered. Sure I'd tighten my belt , if only it's around her neck. Such hypocrisy!