Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Five years ago to this day, an ambitious Gloria swore that she will not run for the presidency. Borrowing Miriam's famous line, "I lied!" She ran and stole the 2004 elections. If she can lie to our faces once, she can do it again. The next months will be crucial as she and her cohorts in the lower house launch their assault on the constitution. Dureza's prayer was a trial balloon to test the people's patience. The flat reception of the December anti-chacha rally has emboldened the proponents of Chacha and make a mockery of democracy.

The thugs in congress is gearing up for a final push to perpetuate themselves in power. The hoodlums needs only 30 votes as of last count to convene congress as a constituent assembly. Add about seven or eight senators to the mix and they succeed with their evil plan. The 1st quarter of 2009 will be their only chance. Anytime after that will be too late or dangerous for Gloria. There are several scenarios to consider.

One is to push their Chacha not matter what and try to reach the Supreme Court. With justices set to retire and with Gloria's appointing powers, even the JBC cannot do anything to prevent her from appointing her allies to the vacant posts. A coup by any military unit idealistic enough to launch one is next to impossible. They were all shipped to Mindanao to fight the MILF. All the units in Manila are those whose loyalty can be easily bought. Civil society is alone to face the onslaught of the vultures in the administration.

Recent business gymnastics point to a consolidation of bargaining power by those who intend to further enrich themselves. The business community can easily be held hostage and will be unable to even raise a whimper. No businessman in his right mind will ever gamble on something that would cost him his bread and butter. Civil disobedience cannot be relied on with the current economic situation wherein everyone is too busy trying to survive. Unless the Filipinos get their acts together and show resolve, we can kiss our precious democracy goodbye. Gloria and her minoins are here to stay.


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