Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cha-Cha Ala Mode

Ok, Nogiboy Nograles has introduced his own mode of amending the constitution, at least (as he claims) some parts of it. Unlike the mode his equally greedy friend, Luis Villafuerte would like to take, he inserted some provisions to (as he claims again) would protect the people from vultures in the lower house. But then we cannot simply treat his resolution as an ordinary bill. The predominantly pro-Arroyo house can easily insert new provisions and he cannot do anything about it. Even if he votes against any insertions, the goons of Gloria can outvote him.

With the Supreme Court bringing in new representatives from the partylist, I wonder what other modes the Cha-Cha would take. Tne new congressmen could also be allies of the administration. We all know how some partylists are actually proxies of the bigger political parties. The the Arroyo appointed SC could could also be a aprty to ensuring Gloria would get her Cha-Cha.

The next few months would be unmasking Gloria's new allies. The minority may gain a few members but I doubt if they could prevent a mockery of our democratic processes. A friend told me that America will support charter change as long as democratic processes are followed. This is the reason why Gloria's minions are trying very hard to use every legal(?) tactic to pursue their Cha-Cha bid.

They are also closely watching how the people would react to their every move. Although I don't expect much from are very cynical people, they could have a different reading from mine. At the end of the day, Gloria could have her Cha-Cha. The only mode they will be deciding on is the mode of payment to thos who will support her.