Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rape Is Now Legal!

So the corruption-riddled Court of Appeals has acquitted L/Cpl. Daniel Smith of raping Nicole. The CA overturned the decision of the Makati RTC which tried the case. The CA not only redefined rape but also changed the elements of the crime of rape. It made a mockery of our laws and made Judge Pozon look incompetent.

With the CA's decision, it somehow legalizes the crime of rape. I do not know how two intoxicated persons can have a romantic episode when the male did the act alone while the female was bombed out of her senses. I also cannot understand how the CA totally disregarded the testimonies of the witnesses. Flirting is not a license for one to take advantage of another. If it was a romantic episode, Nicole and Smith could have left the club while still in the right frame of mind and did the act. Intoxication blurs the mind and this should have been considered. No wonder victims have lost faith in the justice system. We have judges that do not know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, what is logical and what is absurd.

Now every rapist, rapist-to-be and sexual predator will have a defense for their cases. The CA's decision becomes jurisprudence and rape victims will surely have a tough time proving their cases in court. The ramifications of the CA's decision will wreak havoc on the judicial system. Just think of how our future lawyers will turn out to be? Vicitms will now suffer in silence because our courts cannot be trusted. Drunks are no longer liable for any crime they commit while intoxicated. These incompetent judges of the CA should be disbarred. They clearly abused their discretion. The Supreme Court should have them investigated along with Atty. Justiano who I personally think has a mind of a criminal.

This should be a lesson for all of us, the weak shall always get the short end of the stick. If our own courts cannot protect us who else can? Certainly not the government as it is party to this injustce. Parents, don't let your kids out of your sights. And as for those who acquitted Smith, you will be judged by history. Pray that your loved ones do not get raped. Let's see if this fucked up decision of yours isn't thrown in your faces. How I wish it does!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cha-Cha Ala Mode

Ok, Nogiboy Nograles has introduced his own mode of amending the constitution, at least (as he claims) some parts of it. Unlike the mode his equally greedy friend, Luis Villafuerte would like to take, he inserted some provisions to (as he claims again) would protect the people from vultures in the lower house. But then we cannot simply treat his resolution as an ordinary bill. The predominantly pro-Arroyo house can easily insert new provisions and he cannot do anything about it. Even if he votes against any insertions, the goons of Gloria can outvote him.

With the Supreme Court bringing in new representatives from the partylist, I wonder what other modes the Cha-Cha would take. Tne new congressmen could also be allies of the administration. We all know how some partylists are actually proxies of the bigger political parties. The the Arroyo appointed SC could could also be a aprty to ensuring Gloria would get her Cha-Cha.

The next few months would be unmasking Gloria's new allies. The minority may gain a few members but I doubt if they could prevent a mockery of our democratic processes. A friend told me that America will support charter change as long as democratic processes are followed. This is the reason why Gloria's minions are trying very hard to use every legal(?) tactic to pursue their Cha-Cha bid.

They are also closely watching how the people would react to their every move. Although I don't expect much from are very cynical people, they could have a different reading from mine. At the end of the day, Gloria could have her Cha-Cha. The only mode they will be deciding on is the mode of payment to thos who will support her.


Monday, April 20, 2009

AO 261

Our globetrotting illegitimate president has issued another administrative order. AO 261 reiterates her call to government agencies to tighten their belts. How nice of her to remind our agencies to save. Just recently, I saw a government vehicle going into a parking lot of a mall on a Saturday. Yes, a weekend and I'm sure it's not an official business.

Alright, so government offices have been turning off their lights and air condition to save on their electrical bills. At least some government vehicles remain parked in their lots instead of being used for private affairs by its employees. I just wonder how much we will save if Gloria would stop chartering flights and taking dozens of her allies on her trips abroad? I'm sure she'll say that its for her security and that those with her are on official business.

If only she is well loved by the people, she wouldn't be scared of taking a regular flight. If only she doesn't have any political debts to pay, she wouldn't be dragging with her every Tom, Dick and Harriet with their spouses in tow, to her trips abroad. Or does she have other businesses to attend to in the guise of trying to secure jobs and investments? Only she can answer that.

But speculating aside, Gloria should set an example for our public servants to follow. The fact of the matter is that she is all rhetoric. Let the others conserve, after all, she is president. I wonder how much the government would have saved if she did not take so many trips to Dubai? Maybe I should ask Ellen Tordesillas, she might have a ballpark figure.

Tighten your belts she says. She has also asked every Filipino to do that at the beginning of the financial crisis. At present, Filipinos are becoming anorexic from tightening our belts while she and her family looks like plump turkeys ready to be slaughtered. Sure I'd tighten my belt , if only it's around her neck. Such hypocrisy!


Creative Writing

Whenever the opposition exposes suspicious actions by Gloria's allies, Malacanang would quickly respond and call it figments of imagination. But when caught red-handed or when going after its detractors, expect them to eat their words and become creative writers. This has been the case with Gloria's government, they are bestselling fiction writers masquerading as public officials.

Take the case of unemployment. Our officials are masters of creating new definitions to hide their incompetence. A simple twist of words and viola, unemployment or employment whichever the case may be has been redefined. I wouldn't be surprised if hidden in the deep recesses of the palace, neatly tucked away is a pool of writers pirated from big media outfits whose sole responsibility is to weave a web of lies and half truths. No wonder we don't have very poor shows on local television.

But this is not limited to the palace. Every single government office has its own team of creative writers. Notice how police incompetence was exposed in the Faelon case, they were reported as rescuers of the kidnapped ICRC volunteer. The DOJ so far has the best team in government. At its helm is the best and brightest, most prolific creative writer the Philippine literature community had ever seen. Often times accused of senility, he had proven time and again that creativity does pay.

Not to be outdone is the House of Reprehensibles. They have a fantastic team of writers that churn out some of the best stage plays of the land. Worthy of a crack in Broadway. the lower house not only bewilders the imagination but can actually cloud the people's senses. No wonder Filipinos have become self-centered cynics instead of patriotic movers.

Looking for a rewarding career? If Gloria succeeds in her Cha-Cha bid and declares herself perpetual ruler of the land, our kids should consider the field of creative writing. With the kind of leaders we have, they'll surely need thousands of writers.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Would You Trust These Two?

Prospero Nograles and Luis Villafuerte this week both relinquished their posts as heads of their respective parties to pave the way for the merging of Kampi and Lakas. Citing preparations for the 2010 elections, they also claim that Cha-Cha is dead. But knowing how these two operate, would you take their word as gospel truth. If you ask me, I'd rather trust a snake than these two.

How many times have these two said anything truthful? As far as I can remember, zilch, nada, never. I'm sure they're doing the dirty work of pushing the Cha-Cha one way or another. Just to be on the safe side, Gloria has been globetrotting, most probably to try and hide her loot. She's using the plight of the starving, jobless Filipinos to spirit away her ill-gotten wealth. Perhaps she's staying away from Europe as the EU have very strict laws against dirty money.

So the cat is out of the bag, Lakas and Kampi are consolidationg their forces, perhaps to resurrect a KBL-like party should they succeed in amending the constitution. They're trying to create a monopoly of sorts to ensure that they would still enjoy the perks that come with their ass-licking loyalty to the soon-to-be illegitimate prime minister.

Look hard at these pictures and tell me with all honesty that these two have any shred of sincerity in them. Would you entrust the future of your children in faces like these? Like I said, I'm better off with the snake.


Friday, April 17, 2009

An Ax To Grind

I was shocked to hear of the tragedy that happened to the the family of ABS-CBN newscaster, Ted Failon. I've been an avid listener of his program for quite sometime now. With the tragedy, the Philippine National Police now has something to go after Mr. Failon. I heard his explosive and passionate commentaries against the police following the spate of rub outs elements of the PNP had been involved in.

With the way this case is going, it is so obvious that the PNP is doing everthing to get back at Ted. I hope that the PNP could also employ the same tenacity and passion they are displaying now with the cases their own personnel are involved in.

I also saw clips of how elements of the PNP totally disregarded the suspects rights when "inviting" them to shed light on the case. I am not siding with anyone here, but I don't trust the PNP. They are to me the epitome of what "legal bandits" are. It is also obvious that they are going to pin this on Mr. Failon no matter what. The SOCO should watch the Discovery Channel so they would learn a thing or two about forensics. Even the way the PNP top brass have been throwing around statements indicates that they are bent on nailing Ted.

The PNP now has Ted by the balls. I'm sure they'll exert pressure on the witnesses(?) to get back at Ted. Maybe this will somehow stop Mr. Failon's tirades. I'm sure the truth will come out in the end. Legal harassment is always a better option than an outright threat.

*BTW, I'm still alive and kicking although hampered by my waning sight, I'm still here still here, full of passion and patriotism. Thanks to all who have expressed their concern.