Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Trojan Ass

The nation waited for "Supplies" witness Leo San Miguel to drop the bomb on the personalities involved with the NBN-ZTE scam. San Miguel did as expected, he did drop a bomb and obviously lied through his teeth. For the first time, NBN 4 covered the hearings. He performed much to the delight of the psychotic occupants of the palace by the toxic river. I am sure the celebrations were short lived as the senators finally showed their teeth and went down to business.

San Miguel's testimony was slowly shredded not only by the questions propounded to him but by documents presented by walk-in witness, Dante Madriaga. From "moderate the greed", the new word is "tong-pats" which means commission. As the hearing wore on, the sleaze behind the dealings stuck out like a sore thumb. The Trojan horse the palace sent to the senate slowly turned to a Trojan ass as he continuously stuck his foot in his ass.

With every claim San Miguel blurted out, he was quickly rebuked. Former commissioner Ramon Sales shared a piece of his mind. The decent man was removed from his post because he would not go along with the shenanigans of Malacañang. The senate managed to link San Miguel to the "Greedy Group ++" which he unwittingly admitted. The astute businessman claimed he was hired by ZTE as consultant without any contract and promised verbally with a half percent pay. He was also reimbursed in cash which is highly suspicious.

Enrile tried his best to plug the loopholes in San Miguel's testimony to no avail. He scoffed at the opposition even saying "nakuryente sila". But of course fishes are caught with its mouth and San Miguel was caught lying time and again. The more he opened his mouth, the more Lozada, Joey and Madriaga's credibility strengthened. The palace will have its work cut out for them. I am sure that Gloria's Myna birds will be busy singing again to try and rectify the blunder which is San Miguel.

San Miguel is better off getting drunk with his namesake than face the senate. I have never seen a drunken sober in my life. The show he put on at the senate showed how utterly stupid Gloria's advisers are. San Miguel helped link the personalities much to the delight of the opposition. He was both careless and reckless. Now the senate has more bullets against GMA. The momentum is once again with the senate. No more EO 464 or MC 108. I am sure that Gloria will turn to her last card, Executive Privilege. She couldn't afford another debacle like San Miguel. Time to send her "witnesses" into exile again unless she wants to be trampled by her own herd of Trojan Asses.