Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bishops Should Learn From The Monks

The protests in Burma were led by Buddhist monks. The events in Tibet were also triggered by monks. Buddhist monks have always taken the peaceful path and have suffered tremendously in the hands of both authoritarian regimes. But they remain steadfast and has chosen to make a stand. Persecution and even summary execution await these monks. They have chosen to lead their flock, stood by them and even died with them. No amount of pressure from anyone have changed their beliefs.

The same cannot be said for most of our bishops. Bishops here have taken the easy way out. They chose the path littered with thick, white envelopes. Our politician cum bishops should go to Burma or Tibet this Holy Week. They may just learn a thing or two from the monks there. Maybe they should get out of the church and join the likes of Mike Velarde, Cerge Remonde and Medy Poblador (Right Card. Rosales?). Better yet, they should join the lower house instead and be a part of Gloria's gang of thieves.

Cardinal Sin took donations from the palace yet he stood by his flock and beliefs. Money did not sway him and never allowed himself to be prostituted by those in power. I am sure that if he were alive today, the likes of Rosales and Vidal will be put to shame. When a priest becomes a tool to suppress the truth, he is no better than a drug lord whose "business" destroys the foundations of society. He goes against the very principles and teachings of the church. Now, even the servants of the faith are divided. Corrupt bishops versus activist priests and nuns.

This Holy Week, I pray that the hand of God touches the hearts of these bishops. And if the Lord would hear my prayer, I'd like to have Him slap the living daylights out of these so-called fishers of men. The lights have gone out of the Catholic church and "darkness" had swallowed up the souls of the bishops who chose the thickness of the white envelopes from Malacañang.

Now if only we have the monks from Burma and Tibet here, the bishops would definitely learn what being spiritual leaders stand for. To actively stand for the truth is not plain activism, to be bought with white envelopes is to be a prostitute.