Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Preventive Actions A Human Rights Abuse

It seems that since the Jun Lozada issue came out, anti-Arroyo blogs have been under attack from who we perceive as government hackers. Last week, several bloggers noticed that blogs like that of Ellen Tordesillas and Manolo Quezon's have been on the blink. Commenters failed time and again to share their views. As of late, I even failed to post my comments in Uniffors.

This is so weird as this did not even happen during the height of the Garci scandal. Even the media was not spared. The ABS-CBN chopper was ordered by the ATO not to fly over Makati last Friday. This is in clear violation of the people's right to information and press freedom. Media has been at the forefront of exposes and this has hurt GMA tremendously. The unresolved abuses of the administration against freedom of speech has forced more fencesitters to finally make a stand.

Protesters are also subjected to harassment and are prevented from joining rallies. While this maybe true for anti-Arroyo rallyists, those who are pro-Arroyo have been given a free rein. This bolsters the perception that Gloria is desperate. Proof of her paranoia is how she "imprisoned" herself in Camp Crame last Friday surrounded by her generals. She has also learned from EDSA 3 how vulnerable she really is. The PSG now cordons off Malacañang with huge container vans to prevent the palace from being overrun.

Chilling effect has been the norm. The administration has been threatening the media with arrests, whistle-blowers with cases or harm, and the men in uniform with incarceration and removal of benefits. Such preventive actions only bolster the perception that the administration is hiding not only something but a very big thing. We have guaranteed rights enshrined in the constitution and this had been curtailed by this administration.

Is the country under martial rule? The senate and the Supreme Court should investigate the palace's actions. Even "paid" local officials have subverted the will of the people. They hold hostage their constituents through their pork barrel and projects. The people should know that we hold the key and the purse of these erring officials. These officials are our servants and should put in their proper place. The same goes for the lower house which is riddled by self-serving ingrates.

Brace yourself my friends. This is only the start of a very long fight. With Gloria trapped in a corner, she will resort to anything to herself "glued" in the palace. Such is the the life of despots. Paranoia and fear of ouster leads to preventive actions. I just hope that the security forces will not allow itself to be used in the defense of a morally bankrupt regime.