Thursday, March 06, 2008

EO 464 Revoked, What About MC 108?

So what if GMA revoked EO 464, MC 108 still exists. The MC is actually the same banana. This administration is forward-looking. It has a bag full of dirty tricks. Notice how the administration had been shielding this from the public and flaunting EO 464 instead? The MC has even expanded the coverage of EO 464. In fact, MC 108 covers every tom, dick and harry in government. This will be the new battleground.

So to quiet down the CBCP and to buy Neri more time, the only recourse is to drop EO 464. Gloria has a long record of insincerity. She has a fall back for everything the senate has for her. GMA will never allow the truth to come out. EO 464 was a no-brainer and was struck down by the Supreme Court. The palace asserts that EO 464 was put in place to protect officials from being disrespected by the senators. Doesn't the likes of Joker, Miriam and JPE do the same to whistle blowers?

The Solomonic compromise of the SC regarding Neri's case have been junked by the senate. Now te SC has to rule on what is covered by executive privilege. Gloria should never put our diplomatic relations with China over national interest. This is the gist behind the NBN-ZTE deal. Despite palace denial, videos would clearly show that she indeed knew of "flaws" in the deal. It even took her several months and several senate inqueries before she finally shelved the deal.

The other role of congress is to check the dealings of the executive. It does not exist mainly to craft laws. So Neri and Gloria has bought time again. They have once again squirmed their way out of a tight spot. But I am sure they will run out of gimmicks and cannot use the same tactics again. Sooner or later, they will meet a dead end and will have to face the music. Soon, the senate will have to deal with MC 108 and as the SC has said, executive privilege cannot be used to cover up a crime.

MC 108 could very well be Gloria's last line of defense. If the SC should decide against it, she's going to have a hard time completing her term. Of course, she can always send her officials to the usual "official" trips abroad.