Thursday, March 13, 2008

Of Mendicants And Thieves

Are we a country of mendicants? It only appears that way because we have an administration of thieves. Instead of fighting for our sovereignty, our so-called representatives cower at the first signs of China's might. It is not war I am referring to but of fear of losing their kickbacks. They can hide behind the skirt of diplomacy all they want but we all know it's all about money. When a country is ruled by a greedy bunch, expect that they will sell even the future of a nation just so they can fill their pockets.

As China flexes its enormous wealth in the realm of geopolitics, the smaller Asian nations can only bend backwards. This is what is happening to us and how we relate to China's might. So in exchange for loaded loans, our leaders are scrambling for the pot of gold promised by the world's biggest economy. Never mind if the Filipinos suffer. Never mind if future generations will be paying for these loans. Our leaders couldn't care less as they have more than enough in their loot bags to ensure their families' survival.

Forget about the Spratlys and our country's sovereignty. As long as they can line their pockets with gold, let's sell whatever we can sell to the Chinese. Cynics shout that Gloria has less than two years to go so why don't we just ride her ruthless storm and wait for 2010? My response is what would be left of our country after Gloria and her gang has completed their rampage? Can these people rebuild a devastated nation? This is the kind of reasoning that should send fear in the hearts of the rest of Filipinos. We had barely recovered from the Marcos years and now we would once again turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the crimes of this administration.

It is now obvious how this administration is part of the greatest rape of this millennium. We are being offered to China to slaughter. Maybe not physically but as a nation. It's pure unadulterated treason. If there is nothing sinister behind Gloria's deals with China, why can't she put her foot down and simply say no? So she makes it appear that we are in dire need of China's donations while she fills congress and her administration of thieves. Is this the way to move forward? To hell with hell call for unity and support. Filipinos should realize that we are being sold out by this administration.

No need to wait for 2010. Time to close down the dump site in the Batasan and take the garbage out. If Gloria and her gang loves China so much, then let's kick them there. We don't need them here. Oh but wait, maybe she can take her Filipino Chinese lackeys with her, They all deserve each other.