Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Unethical Ethics Committee

I could not help but squirm in my seat as I watched ANC's coverage of the House Ethics Committee hearing on the expulsion case filed by the Pidals against Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano. Instead of allowing the questioning to flow freely, what I observed was how the members of the administration bloc lawyered for the Pidals. It is obvious the committee had prejudged the case. Its merely going through the script they were suppose to play.

Television has its ways of showing the true colors of these dishonorable congressmen. The Ethics Committee should be renamed and called the Unethical Committee instead. As always, the ever bereft of breeding, Jose Pidal, was in his bullying mood. If reports are true, Cayetano may have the right bank but the wrong branch. The HypoVereins Bank is Italian-owned with its head office in Milan,Italy. Could this be the reason why the Pidals traveled to Italy last year?

The Pidal Account fiasco would not be out in the open if BPI had withheld information regarding the account. Judging by Cayetano's documents, He seems to have something that could pin the tail on the pig's ass. Why on earth would the Pidals resist signing a waiver if they have nothing to hide? Without a waiver, a bank will never disclose any information regarding any account, it will merely state there is none. Its utter stupidity to allow an investigation to push through without the proper documents.

Perhaps, Cayetano should seek the assistance of the OECD or the Brigade des Finances in France as Anna de Brux suggested. Just supply them with something to start with and they will investigate the matter. They are a no-none-sense organization who will investigate any kind of money-laundering activity. The Pidals have also a habit of using aliases, any bank would certainly deny existence of any account under the name Arroyo if they had used an alias.

Clearly, the Unethical committee will not entertain this possibility and will stick to the game plan and save the Arroyos necks. Even an ordinary man on the street knows this. Clearly, the committee is wasting no time to kick Cayetano out. If they think that Cayetano's expulsion would lead to his disgrace, they are totally wrong. This will merely increase Alan Peter's chances of landing a seat in the senate.

We have seen the arrogance of the administration and its minions. We've seen a true kangaroo court in action. There is no iota of ethics in this committee. If I were Cayetano, I would gladly accept their judgment and be expelled. I wouldn't want to be associated with a group of thieves and political prostitutes. Dishonorable and unethical is how this lot should be described.