Monday, January 22, 2007

Is UNO Squandering Its Advantage?

The opposition should get its act together to keep its overwhelming advantage over GMA's minions. But it seems they have played into the administration's ploy. Unwittingly or by mere stupidity and overconfidence, the elections is turning out to be a fight between Erap and GMA. The way that UNO is choosing its candidates reeks of Erap afterall. The disgraced senators who were dumped by the people after EDSA 2 are emerging from their cocoons and raring to have another go.

As if the opposition has misread the electorate's sentiments, they are once again considering these persons for their ticket. Clearly, the opposition is on the verge of self-destruction. Mere surveys will not cut it this time, the likes of Sotto, John O. and the dancing queen Oreta might cost them the senate. They should not look at loyalties but on the performance of those in their list. Perception is what is killing the administration bets, why go on the same path?

The creation of a third force or perhaps a second slate might be a better option for them. This would allow them to have a bigger advantage. Unless of course, they allow the administration to take this initiative and give itself an upper hand. The former senators who have fallen from the people's grace should make the ultimate sacrifice and just stay in the sidelines. The opposition should have a clear platform, one that will benefit the nation. Erap is past, he can never be president again. Fine, if they give Erap some consideration but they should not be shackled by Erap. UNO might be going over its head with this kind of mindset. The people are looking for a credible force not automatons.

Its a fact that the administration will not win even with a third force. They would welcome the Third Force with open arms. If this happens, the UNO can kiss its ass goodbye. Unless they redirect their focus and priorities, UNO may end up holding an empty bag. They should focus on the issues at hand. Accountability and good governance is the main issue here, the elections will be a moral vote and not an Erap return. The Erap issue is in a judicial process and the opposition should leave it at that.

Aside from focusing on the senatorial race, UNO should exploit the row between the administration and the local execs. The lower house is the bigger battleground. Without an opposition dominated house, GMA will never face the music. The administration will go all out with this election. This early, their propagandists are going full blast. They would surely pound the Erap issue to weaken the opposition. UNO should explore all the possibilities before they finalize their game plan. The UNO leadership must make some sacrifices if they want to achieve their goal. They should not squander the advantage they enjoy.