Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spin On The Elections

Malacañang spin doctors are at it again. If memory serves me right, One Voice said that the '07 elections will be a referendum for GMA, but political spin masters in the palace would like to give it a different picture. They would rather have people believe that the coming elections is all about GMA vs. Erap. As the administration would have it, voters would shy away from being associated with the deposed president.

This will be the main thrust of the administration to win the votes in the May elections. They will use this ploy to cover up the issues against GMA and shift it to Erap instead. The palace knows their bets are in for a banging and would be demolished come election day. To make it appear that the opposition is all with Erap would dissuade the moralists from voting for the opposition bets thereby getting the "swing votes" they sorely need.

This early, this spin is being used by supposed administration bets. Time and again,Mike Defensor has used this spin. How cunning and wily. The people should see through this ploy easily even if they cloak it. The issue in the May elections is still GMA and her "sins". Try as they might, this Erap Connection spin will fall into deaf ears. Filipinos are more discerning now and are always wary of the statements from the palace. Even the ordinary man on the street will not be taken for a ride this time around.

The people are tired of this hounding issues besetting GMA. The people want to get to the bottom of these allegations of fraud and corruption. Their desperation could lead to a blind vote. They will take the risk and put their trust on the opposition regardless if they are connected to Erap or not. This election will not be about personalities as Malacañang would have it, it will be about issues, unanswered issues that has hounded GMA since the Garci tapes first came out.

Spin or no spin, one thing is clear, the elections in May will be the hottest contested election this country will ever see. The battle for the hearts and minds of the people has started. The palace was first to show its hand. The opening salvo has been fired and I am sure, the opposition will have a definite response.