Friday, August 21, 2009

Yellow Fever

Since Pres. Cory Aquino passed away, the people seemed to have been afflicted by the Yellow Fever. Is this an awakening or simply a passing fancy? I'm well aware of how we have very short attention spans. I'm surprised by how many fell by the wayside and have forgotten the true essence of People Power and how we should never forget it. I suppose those only used People Power to achieve their political goals and realized their personal ambitions.

So what have we done in the last two decades? We squandered our gains and allowed those with agendas to bastardize the essence of People Power. As my good friend Leah Navarro said, We are in search of a Camelot, in search of heroes that will fight the battles for us. If Ninoy and Cory were alive today, they'd be frustrated as I am. People Power is not about heroes, it's about empowering ourselves. People Power is about us.

So I see blogs and other social networks bearing yellow ribbons and bloating members reaching in the thousands. But when the time came to show the current dispensation our warm bodies, our numbers, these thousands are nowhere to be found. We have fence sitters watching in the sidelines while others fight the battles. When the smoke clears and the fighters are winning, these fence sitters suddenly appear out of nowhere and claim victory for themselves.

How I wish the this Yellow Fever sweeping our populace is real and true. I wish that those who seems to understand what Ninoy, Cory and those who unselfishly gave up their lives for freedom and democracy really take to heart what these heroes represented. Noynoy Aquino is right, we don't need an Aquino to lead us into battle. We are all heroes. It is all up to us to carry on the legacy of those who went before us. We should stop waiting for someone to come along tp inspire us. Ourselves and our future are enough to inspire us to commit ourselves in the fight for change, freedom and democracy.

Today is Ninoy's death anniversary. Let us not insult his memory with a passing fancy called as Yellow Fever. Let us show the world that we do not have short attention spans. I hope this fever is genuine this time around. There's still time to redeem ourselves. It's funny how death can start sparks and stir a people to its senses. I just hope that this time around, we truly understand the meaning of People Power.