Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fine Dining 101

Gloria's recent exploits has left a sour taste in the palate of Filipinos worldwide. As more reports of her extravagant trips abroad comes flowing in, I hope the cynics and fence-sitters would now realize how insincere and callous she and her rabid allies are. While millions go hungry everyday and several millions more tighten their belts to survive, these so-called representatives of the people wine and dine to their heart's content. Regardless of where their money came from, this lavish exhibition rubs salt to the Filipinos' already gaping wound.

Her spokespersons in defending the indefensible try to redirect the issue somewhere else to appease the enraged populace. While some would say that it's but proper to shower Gloria with such expensive dinners, they have totally disregarded the prevailing poverty the Filipino people live in. Her personal lawyer even had the gall to throw in morality in the issue. It is wise to remind Mr. Makalintal that media is not all about news, it's a business that relies on advertisements to survive. The government however is not a business. It's sole responsibility is to address the people's needs.

Perhaps it would be wise for her defenders to simply shut up. The more they open their mouths, the more Gloria becomes the villain. Maybe even those who try to take the blame should also shut up. The more they try to suck up to Gloria, the more their constituents are outraged. It would be wiser for these congressmen to feed those who are hungry than feed those who can buy whatever they wish to eat. Perhaps they are trying to show us that we do not deserve their attention. Perhaps they are trying to tell us that they couldn't care less how hungry we are. Perhaps it is time for the people to end their political ambitions.

So we must bear in mind that we hold our elected leaders fate in our hands. Without us and even with their money, they are worthless unless we give them worth. As elections draw near, let the lessons of their fine dining and luxurious lifestyles be the reason not to elect them into office. When fine dining to some is a bowl of rice with seasoned with fish sauce, engorging one's self with caviar and slabs of stake or even lobster especially on foreign trips is simply criminal. The likes of these junkets at the expense of an impoverished nation is downright criminal. A $15,000 or $20,000 dinner is a perfect example of what fine dining is not.

So to those who were insensitive enough to feed those who can feed themselves, we thank you. We thank you because of your fine dining, you nor your families will ever enter the halls of congress. If you think that Filipinos are dumb, think again. You just taught us a lesson in fine ass-kicking.