Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rude Awakening Of An Orphaned Nation

Memories of '83 and '86 came flooding back to me as Pres. Corazon Aquino was laid to rest yesterday. The outpouring of support since the news broke out of her passing signaled the awakening of a nation in darkness and confusion. Cory has united the nation once again which also sparked the sleeping interest of a generation clueless of what we experienced more than two decades ago. Cory left a legacy which now inspires those too young to understand.

The reluctant president who stepped up to plate because the country needed a leader will be sorely missed by those whose lives she touched but most especially those who will have to now carry the baton she passed. Maybe now the Filipinos will cherish and protect the liberty Cory helped us regain. Maybe now the apathy will cease and empathy will set in. Maybe now the youth will understand why my generation fought long and hard side by side with Ninoy and Cory. Maybe now. the people will finally use their heads in electing the people we put in office.

Some had tossed Cory aside in the last few years of her life. Some even mocked her and said she had lost her magic touch. The people who came out during her wake and funeral showed that even in death, she is a force to reckon with. As the nation celebrates her life, pretenders will now be wary of an intelligent and vigilant electorate. The current dispensation cannot be too rash nor brazen this time around for fear of ouster. The moral leadership Cory exhibited will be a tough act to follow. No one in the current crop of aspirants comes near to her exploits.

I'm in a state of Zen now. Her death has made me less angry. It has ignited in me a certain spark that patience really works wonders. But of course she also taught us that we should empower ourselves. If we need to get things done, we should do the hard work ourselves. The icon may have gone but the flames remain lit and we should see to it that it stays lit. It's the least we can do to show our gratitude to a martyr and his selfless wife. It's now up to you, the youth who should protect the gains of EDSA 1. Death does have its rewards. For Cory, she is now at peace with her martyred husband while we, the orphaned nation is awakened.

At least now the people know how proud we can be and how powerful we are. Those who have evil thoughts of destroying the democracy we enjoy can no longer go on with their shenanigans with impunity. Now the people are watching and listening. Cory's death is truely a rude awakening on an orphaned nation.