Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who's Afraid Of Noynoy?

So now that it's clear that Noynoy Aquino is running, this certainly changes the whole political landscape and the dynamics of Philippine politics. Every presidential aspirant's back is against the wall. Regardless of whether Noynoy is ripe or not, or whether he has accomplished anyt>hing is now out of the question. The only ones crying are the traditional politicians whose parties lack the principles in stirring the sleeping giant called as the electorate.

So what does the other contenders have to offer? Let's try and dissect each one of the so-called oppositionists. Erap may have the charisma but has too many ghosts in the past that could easily take away the thunder of his candidacy. Filipinos do not have the taste for "reformed" individuals like Erap. It would be better for him to give way if only to prove that he is the man he claims to be.

Loren Legarda we are all aware that relies solely on her media accomplishments that really doesn't amount anything because we are all aware that she readily exploits situations to get what she wants. She's another trapo and nothing else. Even her performance in any investigation is dismal to my standards.

Excuse me to my friends who adore Chiz, but he is one calculating trapo as well. I wouldn't vote for anyone who lacks conviction. A wolf in sheep's clothing is how I'll describe him. Why you might ask? Because he just rode on what's popular and sat like a chicken in the background. He pretended to go for GMA's jugular and left everybody hanging. In the end, he had the temerity to invite the aggrieved parties to a cup of coffee and a smoking session.

Now for the mighty meaty named Manny Villar whose family treats Las Pinas as their own little kingdom. Embroiled in one of the biggest scandals our public works have ever had. He also has a bad habit of harassing a certain school because he thinks the students are too noisy. Eh kung hindi ka ba naman tanga, why live beside a school where you know hundreds of kids go to? The school has been there long before you decided you old house in your subdivision was too small for your stature. And how about your latest caper Mr. Senator? Another bridge so that your land would once again benefit from it?

Now for the administration's three stooges. Noli DeCastro is but a news reader with nothing to show for but his popularity. Remember Legacy? It's a legacy that would be felt by thousands of investors. How about Gibo Teodoro who unfortunately did not get any of his father's good traits. A bar topnotcher yes, but he doesn't match up to Nonong Cruz. And then there's Bayani Fernando who thinks he's loved by many. Thanks to his wild experiments and policies, had alienated himself from the realities on the ground. It's funny how he thinks there's nothing wrong with getting million-peso birthday gifts that were supposed to go to the struggling employees of the movie industry.

So who's afraid of Noynoy? I suppose only those who are eager beavers. Those who paint themselves as reformists who in the end will protect the status quo. Those who believe that the Philippines will never change. You know what? I don't care about qualifications anymore. I couldn't care less who is "HILAW" or "HINOG". The elections will not be about what you accomplished in your life. Less give it a religious color. You will not be judged by what you have but how you lived your life. I'd like to believe that at last, the Filipinos now know right from wrong. Where traditional politics takes a backseat and integrity is what we look for in the leaders we elect.