Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lame Duck Toughie

What we saw yesterday was the unmasking of the nation's toughie. Gloria showed how feisty she can be and tried to persuade the people that she's no lame duck. While she took jabs at her critics, the more her showed what a big bully she really is. I remember a frat mate who was a little taller than Gloria. He acted tough and bullied almost everyone. That's because he was surrounded by big brods. Gloria is no different, she bullies the weak and defenseless. But to her allies, she's soft and even goes as far as taking extrajudicial actions just to cover their asses.

She claims that she works hard and does her job well. It all depends I suppose if the price is right. She put the blame on her predecessors for the rut we're in, she's been in office for almost a decade and all her hard work(?) had made a living hell out of the lives of the marginalized. She's claims to be a strong leader yet she cannot even kick Angelo Reyes out of his job. She surrounds herself with her generals both active and retired. This toughie is a fluke. She can't even face her detractors even in the proper forums. She hides behind her immunity and her position.

Want to know how tough this Gloria is? Just ask the pharmaceutical companies. Instead of signing the Cheaper Medicines Act, she seeks the advice of these companies. That's how tough she really is. She's fact to use her emergency powers yet order the BOC or the BIR to clean their acts. Afraid she might step on the toes of her supporters? So what makes Gloria tough? She's not in Pres. Cory's league. How many coups has Gloria faced? She thrives on transactional politics and has too many political debts to pay. The price to pay for her stay in power.

The toughie can't even explicitly say that she will step down. She can't even tell her two idiotic sons to stop fooling around with the constitution. As she leaves to meet Pres. Obama of the US, I wonder what Obama will say to her. How I wish he'll tell her to stand in a corner. She's no toughie, she's a lame duck.