Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Manny Villar, the survey-topping trapo was recently dethroned by Noynoy Aquino. Villar who's been in the limelight no thanks to the C-5 controversy is now hunting for a vice president. While Aquino has already a running mate, the pretending oppositionist has yet to find one. Noli has already said "Hing nga eh!" and Pia Cayetano's simply interested in jogging, rumors were floated that he's considering Williw Revillame. The trapo and the tado? What a fantastic combination.

Revillame is equally popular as notorios because of his arrogance and ill manners is contemplating a political career. Perhaps he thinks he's popular enough to be elected. Even if he decides not to run for VP or as a senator, I wonder how he'll perform. Will he bring along his scantily clad dancers or ask those in the gallery for dole outs? If Villar is considering including Revillame in his ticket, it only shows how low Villar's values are. Kung sabagay, he doesn't think that benefiting from government projects is bad. Hmmmm, parang narinig ko na yata yan.

Going back to Revillame, what exactly is he going to do as VP or senator? We have enough jesters in public office already, we surely do not need another one. Villar is running a traditional campaign, and he's banking on who will give the votes he need. Now if you you have someone who relies of this, then he's not worth voting for. I shudder at the thought of having Villar as president. With the billions, yes billions he had already poured into his campaign, how on earth will he get his billions back? Of course, he'll tap the presidential fund.

The only people who'll be shouting Wowowee is Villar's cronies. As for the Filipino, Wawawahhhh!