Thursday, July 23, 2009


Rallyists are getting to be more innovative in showing their disgust with those who voted for HR 1109. They now bring the forum to the very doorstep of these congressmen. The dimwit who wants to protect these hoodlums is none other than Dato Arroyo. He's proposing that these indignation rallies be banned. Under Gloria's administration, even rallies in freedom parks are most often than not, not allowed. With all the laws governing rallies in place, Dato wants to add another one. With important bills waiting on the floor of the lower house, this dimwit would rather prioritize something that only hooligans like him would benefit from.

I don't know how his constituents voted this dimwit into office. I tend to believe that he got elected through goons, guns and gold. So far, the Arroyos have nothing to show for during their tenure in the house. All I've seen them accomplish is to corner the power sector and of course the Con-Ass. Maybe Dato thinks that just because he is a lawmaker, he can formulate just about any law he wants. Well, think again Mr. Dimwit, even Matt Defensor thinks your proposal is just too much.

So if were to give Dato an advice, I'd tell him to just stick to his seat and keep his mouth shut. The more he opens it, the more he exposes his stupidity. Public interest is still higher than a public servant's right to privacy. I suppose he doesn't know that because he doesn't serve the public, he serves the interest of his dynasty.