Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Windows 2009 - A Glimpse Of Things To Come

The rally against the rogue congress's Con-Ass is today. I'm sure this is just the start of many which I hope will awaken the people and give them the courage to stand up and be counted. How I wish I could join, sadly I'm recovering from the flu (it's not the dreaded AH1N1 which I pray the congressmen catches). Judging by the way the lower house is trying to ram this down our throats, it's evident that Gloria is running out of time and options.

There are several scenarios that I can think of of how Gloria will try to perpetuate herself to power which would shield her from the accusations leveled against her. She is calculating and manages to stay a step ahead of her opponents. She controls the purse, thus controls the puppets.

When news broke out that Kampi and Lakas is finally merging, first thing that came to my mind is that this is the start of the big push. Sure enough, just a few days later, the lower house passed HR 1109. Con-Ass has arrived! So what scenarios can I think of? How can they succeed? Several scenarios cropped up.

Scenario 1: The senate takes the lower house's bluff and brings the case to the Supreme Court. At this time, the senate cannot file any as the lower has not yet convened itself into a constiuent assembly. I think the lower house will move when Gloria has appointed "her" justices to pave the way for the Con-Ass. There are two vacant slots in the SC

Scenario 2: She'll do an Enrile and fake some kind of lawless act to justify a declaration of state of emergency. She could declare martial law and would be supported by none other than her gorillas in congress.

Scenario 3: The people gets too enraged, falls into her trap. Commits acts of violence. This will really be a basis for her to declare martial law. Remember, only a majority vote of congress is enough to legalize her declaration.

Scenario 4: Should the Con-Ass fail, she can run for congress then for speakership. This will buy her some time to try and pursue her desired Cha-Cha.

Scenario 5: Following scenario 1, Con-Ass is declared legal. We have parliamentary elections and of course, she'll be the prime minister.

These are just some of the scenarios I can think of. The best way to prevent her from succeeding is to be vigilant and be strong. It's not a time for complacency and cynicism. The future of the nation is at stake. Should she succeed, she will be more ruthless than Marcos. She has tasted power and would not dare reliquish it for fear that she will be prosecuted for her crimes. It's up to us to unite against this mockery of democracy and show the world that Filipinos are decent people.