Friday, June 05, 2009

Mockery Of Democracy

As if Gloria hasn't done enough damage to the nation, her dogs are running wild in the halls of congress. I've been writing about this Con-Ass for the past two years. Many even thought I was just too creative to think that this regime will never try it. Well folks, the Con-Ass is here and it's bearing down our sorry butts. The signs were painted in bold letters and thanks to the Filipinos love for scandals, the House of Representa-thieves passed HB 1109 without the nation knowing it.

The major players acted their roles well. Even Luis Villafuerte tried to deceive the people with his antics. But when Ronaldo Puno threw his body into the fray, I knew we're in deep shit. As rumors of another sellout circulated, the last phase of the rape of the nation had began. Congress is now a Constituent Assembly. Gloria's allies had the numbers, coming out in full force thanks to our taxes, they steamrolled the minority.

What now reformists? Those of you who would rather pin all hopes of change in the election dream must be experiencing nightmares. It's crunch time and the name of the game is putting numbers in the streets. So who said that rallies is traditional politics? It's time to put your voices into good use. What is happening now is a mockery of democracy. Imagine the audacity and impunity of these thieves in the lower house. I don't know how the advocates of reform will take this. I doubt if the youth will have a united stand.

The merger of PaLaKa was a decoy. Puno had a very good strategy to duck under the radar. They managed to momentarily distract the people. This is no longer a drill, it's the real macoy. Gloria knows how the people will react. Life is too hard to put politics over survival. Create a culture of impunity to turn the populace into cynics. Make them believe that elections will lead to change. She's ruthless and calculating. She's got us by the nuts. The final push is coming and we are still in disarray. Gloria still has aces up her sleeve to put us away. There are still two vacant seats in the Supreme Court. This will be the coup de grace.

No doubt they'll go for it. Gloria has nowhere to go. The world is not too accommodating to launderers. Cha-Cha is here to stay. It will now be up to us if we'll let the forces of evil win.