Monday, December 01, 2008

CON Our Sorry ASS

The Cha-Cha train is on its merry way again. This time around, Gloria is banking on her appointees in the Supreme Court to carry the day for her. At the head of the wolf pack is her "independent" son, Mickey and her favorite dog, Luis Villafuerte. She has lied through her buckteeth countless times and her silence shows that something is brewing. She has left the denying to her surrogates. Golez her puppy is the one doing the lying this time around.

But we all know that no action in the lower house takes place without Gloria's blessings. Like Chiquito's character, Mr. Wong would always say, "Kita tali, kita tali!" All strings are being pulled by the puppeteers in Malacañang. It's a good thing that tactless Jess Dureza exposed the new bid to amend the constitution. This time around, they are hellbent in pursuing their Cha-Cha. Villafuerte is bragging that they have the numbers this time around. The seven incoming justices will have to closely guarded by the people or we may wake up with Gloria as the new prime minister.

The mafia is trying to CON our sorry ASSes. But will the military take this sitting down? Well, it depends if the junior officer will toe their leaders twisted doctrine and mandate. We cannot go at it alone as Gloria and her gang showed how ruthless they can be. Only two scenarios come to my mind should Gloria force her Cha-Cha. Either we would end up with an Arroyo monarchy or total anarchy. Both could be grim but the latter could seal the fate of the criminals in the administration.

With the impeachment dead, Gloria has been inoculated till 2010. No impeachment against her can be filed within a year before an election. She and her cabal can concentrate on their Cha-Cha, unmolested and with complete focus. It would be only us in their way. I just hope the fence sitters would finally realize that watching from the sidelines cultivates impunity and creates dictatorships. Unless of course they have masochistic tendencies and love to be beaten to a pulp. Or perhaps they don't mind being robbed blind by politicians and Gloria's mercenaries.

We must be vigilant and the next few months will be crucial. The Supreme Court will be the next battleground between the forces of good and evil. I am certain that Gloria will ensure that she can gain control of this institution. The senate is powerless against Gloria's onslaught and they know it. Gloria's appointees hold the fate of the nation in their hands. Will they be independent or will they have the patriotic hearts to prevent our annihilation? Only time will tell.