Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I Should Stop Paying Taxes

With the way the SONS OF BITCHES in the congress has been running the show in the impeachment and their desire to amend the constitution, I will stop paying my taxes. Why should I continue feeding the families of these charlatans while they clearly do not represent me nor their constituents? Despite the glaring abuses, excesses and mounting evidences of the scandals besetting the gnome in the palace, these salivating, greedy thieves in Barong Tagalog help in covering up the shit their overlord has been dumping on the nation.

To continue to pay my income tax is a sign of surrender. It would only show that I condone the immoral and unethical acts these hyenas are doing. They should be making accountable those who commit and continue to commit injustices against the Filipino people. I will stop paying my taxes and hold them in escrow instead of feeding these maggots in congress. I'm making this as a statement against a government who never really served my interest.

We cannot allow these hoodlums to continue to wreak havoc on our society and senses. We work our butts off so that Gloria can hand out P500,000 to her henchmen whenever her illegal presidency is threatened. Any right-minded Filipino should stop and think if we should continue to give our hard earned money to the syndicate in congress. Now they are cooking up a recipe to perpetuate themselves to power. We been in hell under the current dispensation, to allow her and her minions to continue enriching themselves is the height of stupidity.

This government has given us scandal after scandal. They protect plunderers like Nani Perez. The Ombudsman purposely sits on cases involving Gloria's lieutenants while petty criminals haven't been arraigned yet. Why should I continue to finance the operation of a mafia when I could put my money into better use. Why should I give my money to police generals who gallivant with their wives in Europe while I cannot even travel around the country? Our soldiers who put their lives on the line had to rely on their themselves while their leaders sit in airconditioned rooms spending tens of thousands of pesos on snacks. Our students have to squeeze like sardines in classrooms and try to learn as much as they can from underpaid educators.

Joj-joc Bolante showed us how our hapless farmers can be exploited so that the campaign kitty of the troll can be padded. Nani Perez showed us how crime does pay and how the law is only for the rich.This is where our taxes go, in the pockets of politicians who bleed our families dry so they and their families can go on junkets at our expense. This is how our REPRESENTA-THIEVES work. It's high time we take back what is truly ours and show these villains who their bosses are. I will have to make my stand sometime and I couldn't wait for the next impeachment or 2010. So I will no longer pay my taxes and instead spend it all on my family and my charities than give it to these scums of the earth. Civil disobedience is a protest that sheds no blood and forces governments to heed the people's call. Without any funds to steal, the government will be forced to step down. It's all about conviction and a collective move to bring these gangsters to their knees. Unless you have other means in mind, civil disobedience is always better than an all out civil war.

(I've been given a clean bill of health and I'm more feisty than ever. Thanks to all who prayed for my recovery.)