Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Tale Of Two Justices

Former justices Artemio Panganiban and Hilario Davide have one thing in common, they are both responsible for putting Gloria Arroyo in the seat of power. But this is where their similarity ends. Davide went on and was named by GMA as our permanent ambassador to the United Nations. Panagniban retired and is now a private citizen. Davide played a major role during Erap's impeachment and Gloria's ascension to power which gave him an edge over Panganiban.

After the Gloria's Supreme Court ruled in favor of Neri, both former justices came out to give their views on the decision. Davide naturally sided with Team GMA saying that we should all respect the SC's decision. Panganiban went the other way. Short of calling the SC as GMA's Supreme Court, he points out that the SC made a grave mistake in favoring Neri. He explicitly gave weight on transparency and accountability. He pointed out how presidential abuse is now legitimized. Panganiban, untainted by Gloria's Midas touch is an outsider looking in which gave him an objective view of the situation.

Davide once rode high and was respected by the people. He now lies in the gutter with his benefactor, GMA. He clearly lost his objectivity and sense of justice. He could have kept his credibility if only he stayed away from the grasps of Gloria's corrupting clutches. He seems to now have a clouded mind which has led to his misinterpretation of the limits of executive privilege. He has sided with the criminals who continue to cover up Gloria's crimes.

Justice Panganiban is a true justice. He clearly knows his constitution. He knows what limits the legislative and the executive have. He is a man of honor and integrity. Keeping his independence, how I wish that the Supreme Court had more like him. He may have been one of those who legitimized GMA's power grab, he more than made up for it by pointing out the great injustice the nine justices brought upon the nation.

Now that a motion for reconsideration has been filed by the senate, I hope the SC would agree with the views of Panganiban. I hope they do, or not only would history judge them unkindly, they may suffer a worst fate in the hands of the people.