Sunday, April 13, 2008

Faking And Exploiting Crises

I have heard of speculations about the crises that had engulfed this country. Are these imagined or real? Some would argue that these could be factual in more ways than one. With the distrust ratings of Gloria's administration, everything is probable and plausible. Let's just take the issue of the rice shortage. Is there really a shortage or was is made to look like one? There has been talks of a BIG personality who had imported a huge shipment of rice. But because importation of rice has been strictly controlled, the huge shipment could not be taken out. The BIG personality stands to lose a lot.

Now to facilitate its release without attracting attention, rice importation has to be lifted. This would expedite the release and the BIG personality would be laughing his way to the bank. His profit would be so big because of the skyrocketing price of the Filipinos' staple food. Fantastic way of legalizing smuggling. Just create a scenario of panic and viola, instant profit. This is of course just a speculation by some that this is in preparation of something bigger. Let's say, in preparation for 2010.

I too wonder if there really is a shortage as a friend from the north told me that rice is abundant and that if I would like, he would buy rice in the province for me. If what my friend is true, then we have all been taken for a big ride. The other scenario would to incite panic among the populace. With the prices of basic commodities reaching the stratosphere and with utilities costing more, clamor for Gloria to take extreme action could be pushed by unscrupulous allies. Talks of emergency powers are now being floated and for what reason we really cannot tell.

What if parties with vested interests are doing this deliberately to build an atmosphere of lawlessness that could give Gloria enough reason to declare martial law? Who would benefit from it and who has the numbers to make such declaration legit? With the lower house and now the Supreme Court teeming with GMA's allies, anything is possible. Just imagine, Gloria would not have to spend for another people's initiative or even lock horns with the senate. She could easily steamroll her way to an undetermined term. We all know how she and her advisers operate, nothing can be discounted with them around.

The crisis should now be viewed with skepticism. We could be playing into one of her traps. Could this be the reason why we see pictures of long queues for NFA rice? Could this be the reason why threats of impending hikes on utilities continue to be floated? Just imagine if all hell breaks loose and Gloria can now legitimately declare martial rule? Whether this crisis was done to cloak another scam or to perpetuate Gloria's hold to power, we should now double, even triple our vigilance. We shouldn't be complacent when GMA and her gang are desperate.