Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Filipino Voices Is Up And Running

Finally, the master has finished his Obra. Nick of Tingog has launched the Filipino Voices. It's a collaborative blog that will tackle issues that few would dare delve into. It would showcase writings of my fellow bloggers, journalists and idealists. For sure it would be an exciting blog as diverse views of every writer will be expressed. It covers a broad spectrum of views. From the centrist to hopefully the extreme so that we may give you the sentiments of both sides of the not only the political fence but by society in general.

Yours truly is one of those lucky enough to be invited to write for this new blog. I hope that we at Filipino Voices would be able to reach out to all of you so that issues besetting our beloved country would be properly explained and dissected. Let the fun games begin. I hope that all of you would take time out to visit the site and share with us your thoughts and sentiments.

The writing team is composed of Nick (, Arbet Bernardo (AWB Holdings), J (The Nutbox), Dean Jorge Bocobo (Philippine Commentary), Manuel Buencamino (Uniffors),
Cocoy (Big Mango), Jester (The Jester in Exile), Lester Cavestany, Rom Sedona (Smoke), Butch (The Warrior Lawyer) and Patricio Mangubat (New Philippine Revolution). I hope you enjoy our writings.