Sunday, December 23, 2007

Touchdown: Sumilao Farmers Homeward Bound

The Sumilao farmers are finally going home. Their C-130 flight just landed in Cagayan de Oro a few minutes after 7AM. They will then travel another two hours or so to their final destination, home. The group together with members of NGOs, some clergy and their lawyers started boarding the Philippine Airforce plane just before 5AM. It was their flight back to Sumilao.

The farmers spent their last night at the Ateneo De Manila University. It was a quiet day of rest and preparation for their flight home. Unfortunately, I had a bum stomach which prevented me from having a final visit with them. Even my "son", Gari Lazaro spent the entire day yesterday preparing for his trip with the farmers.

This will mark the start of their wait for the final resolution of their case. I am glad their back home with their loved ones who they've been away from for more than two months. I too will anxiously await the fulfillment of their dream. I will continually update you on the progress of their case. I hope that 2008 will be a good year for their new lives.

UPDATE FROM CAGAYAN DE ORO: In a few hours, Sumilao farmers will travel back to San Vicente, Sumilao to reunite with their loved ones whom they left in Oct. They are currently resting at the Xavier University.

"Its the church's moral obligation to protect the poor and its our duty to fight for the weak."

"Bloggers Call for Boycotting of Monterey/Purefoods Products in support of Sumilao farmers. This Christmas season, December 15, 2007 to January 2, 2008. Bring down the sales of San Miguel Food, Inc. to show public support to the farmers of Bukidnon who were denied of their 144 hectares of land. Please pass to all bloggers."

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