Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sumilao Update: DAR Orders Status Quo

The Dept. of Agrarian Reform today issued a status quo. Panagndaman ordered the DAR regional office to monitor the operations of SMFI. The DAR ordered a halt on new construction by SMFI on the contested site. Ongoing construction however may continue. The order also enjoins the farmers to respect the ownership and possession of the disputed land by SMFI.

Pangandaman did not however give a specific date for the resolution of the case. He said that they are looking for a win-win solution. At the end of the day, the status quo amounted to nothing but to prolong the agony of the Sumilao farmers. The farmers will proceed with their planned march to Malacañang tomorrow.

Request from the Sumilao farmers:

"Kundinahin ang DAR Status Quo Order laban sa Sumilao! Sit down strike sa harap ng DAR bukas ng 7AM hangang 5PM. Lahat ng support group ay inaasahang dumagsa bukas.
(Condemn the DAR Status Quo Order against the Sumilao farmers! A sit down strike will be held tomorrow at 7AM to 5PM. All support groups are requested to join.)"

Complete reports of the order can be viewed at the Inquirer website and GMA.TV as well. For schedule of activities and the route of the march tomorrow, kindly refer to my update for day 11.

"Bloggers Call for Boycotting of Monterey/Purefoods Products in support of Sumilao farmers. This Christmas season, December 15, 2007 to January 2, 2008. Bring down the sales of San Miguel Food, Inc. to show public support to the farmers of Bukidnon who were denied of their 144 hectares of land. Please pass to all bloggers."

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You can show your support for the Sumilao Farmers here.