Friday, December 14, 2007

Esperon's Twisted Ass..Errr, Mind

As usual, Hermogenes Esperon is having another hemorrhoid-al attack. Together with his master, Gloria, They are pushing for the revival of the anti-subversion law. It was repealed during Aquino's time to encourage peace and democratic space for progressive groups to join the mainstream. After declaring an all-out war on everybody, GMA and Esperon would now like to legalize their abuses through the law's revival.

Of course its all a ploy to smokescreen their human rights abuses. Imagine if mere association can give them the right to arrest you, torture you and worst kill you. The AFP would have a field day and the Philippines' population would be reduced dramatically. The law was repealed to promote progress in the right direction. What these two wants is to further regress our society.

But stiff opposition has already been declared. Even Gloria's allies question the move. The Human Security Act is now in place, we don't need a law which actually abuses human rights. I suppose they have no other way to address genuinely, the persistent insurgency. Its easier to just finish off everybody, it would be cheaper that way. There will be no need to address social justice. The mere fear that to openly speak could mean losing your life is enough.

Esperon will be retiring soon. Aside from being tagged in the Hello Garci scandal and as Gloria's top ass-licker, he wants to erase Palparan's record of abuses. These bloodthirsty scoundrels have no better ideas in mind and should be tagged as terrorists. Its no joke living in fear. We went through this during the Marcos years. Perhaps Gloria would like to prove the surveys right, that she's the most corrupt and the most brutal president(?) the Philippines ever had.

Many criticizes the Trillanes's adventurism. Many are afraid of a military junta. Many are scared of the thought of militarism. Think again, just think of this tandem and you could easily piss in your pants. Just imagine what we will become if this partnership of diabolical proportions would continue to prosper.

Hell, we'll be better of kicking them out now than allow them to morph into something we all will regret in the future.