Thursday, May 24, 2012

The King And His Court

Renato Corona finally took the witness stand to tell his side of the story. His litany took all three hours to complete. Al through his storytelling, he took jabs at all his critics. Even the dead was not spared. He used all the adjectives he can use to malign his detractors. Like a child throwing a tantrum, he utilized every liberal minute afforded to him by the very lenient presiding officer of the impeachment court. He couldn't care less who insulted. The illegitimate chief justice spewed lie after lie after lie to defend himself. Acting like a pompous ass of a king, he declared his position at the end of his speech and walked out of the impeachment court.

The man who never served as a judge in any court tried to escape but was prevented by the senate's sergeant at arms from leaving the premises. Even Corona's driver was ready to spirit him away. Corona must be an avid viewer of past senate hearings. He has learned from past witnesses. Health is the key to escape being asked questions. He is the king of the imperialist Supreme Court. What they say is law. He can get away with anything. He can disrespect even a coequal branch of government. 

The senate finally has had enough. They cannot be bullied even by the illegitimate chief justice and gave his lawyers an ultimatum. This changes the entire picture. He must appear before the tribunal tomorrow. We can speculate on how things will play out tomorrow. He can always act, he has proven his acting prowess before. Yes, he will face the court with doctors in tow. His lawyers will ask him questions and from time to time, will ask him how he feels. After a while, he will appear weak and his doctors will ask the court to excuse him.

The presiding officer will be put in a bind. To ask that the Corona finish the direct and cross examination will make him appear heartless and inhuman. To discharge him without the prosecution and the senator asking Corona questions and then convicting Corona can be made by his camp to appear as an abuse of discretion and the trampling of his right to due process. A sickly Corona can claim bravery for risking his life if only to clear his name. What a travesty of justice. Corona's court can now declare the impeachment proceeding as an abuse of power.

I hope I am wrong. It's just my speculative mind at work. How about you, how do you think things will play out tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Well, today is yesterdays' tomorrow and your speculations proved right!