Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Equal Protection Of The Law

We demand and exact very high standards on "all" government employees. From the lowly janitor, messenger and even clerks to the highest officials of the land. Administrative cases are harsh. When found guilty, a government employee will be dismissed from office, barred 'til death from ever serving in government and all his/her retirement benefits taken away. I have always emphasized that these standards of ethics and integrity is raised as the position goes higher. What then makes Renato Corona an exception to the rule? Do we not expect more from him? His excuses are nothing, as pointed out by Rep. Rodolfo Farinas. They are self-serving and flimsy and even revolting to our common sense. 

In the '90s, a lowly court interpreter was dismissed by the Supreme Court for failing to disclose a small market stall she owns. The value, a mere P1,000. Corona hid millions in pesos and dollars. How then can we reconcile these two very similar case? Yes, one is administrative in nature, and the other an impeachable official. Isn't it just proper that we apply the law equally? To acquit Corona because of his flimsy legal justification, are we applying the law equally? Both are government employees, public servants that we all expect to be honest, person of integrity and possessing very high moral values. Isn't it proper to say that we should treat as both public servants?

We should ask more from Corona because he is the highest magistrate and lawyer of the land. He is not exempted from the law that rules the ordinary government employee. Delsa Flores hid mere change compared to Corona's millions. His defense team claims no ill intent on the part of Corona. They say that Corona's poor judgement is not enough reason to convict him. Can they say this while looking at Delsa Flores straight in the eye? Isn't it the height of absurdity to try and justify hiding millions from the public? I'm not a genius but certainly not stupid. It is clear that Corona willfully. It came straight from Corona himself. He was trying to avoid forfeiture. 

To the senator judges who will decide Corona's fate, I have only one request, bare in mind that a lowly court interpreter lost everything for a measly P1080. Corona deserves to be removed from office, barred from ever holding any public position and his retirement benefits taken away. Corona deserves no less. His position is not a guarantee for immunity. We have always asked why only the small fish fry. Here is a good chance for us to make a big fish pay. All we ask is that the constitutional guarantee of equal protection of the law be applied.    


The EQualizer Post said...

The Constitution
Section 1. Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.