Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thieves Like Who?

My favorite senator, Manny Villar has filed a bill seeking stiffer penalties for theft and robbery in places of worship. Well it is a welcome bill, what I'd like to see are laws that gives stiffer penalties on thieves in church. Yes, there are wolves in priests' robes too. Another perhaps and should really be addressed is stiffer penalties for thieves of land. The latter I doubt very much if Villar would go along with.

We don't need more laws on theft and robbery. What we need are laws that address the plight of farmers and indigenous people against land grabbers and opportunistic real estate businesses. Theft of these lands have economic and national repercussions. National food security is what is at stake here. Theft of land also deprives our indigenous people to preserve their heritage and threatens their very existence.

Theft and robbery are not exclusive to common criminals. They are also committed by politicians and greedy businessmen. or politicians with business interests. I hope Sen. Villar would focus more on the issues I mentioned above. We have many laws concerning common criminality. What we need are laws against those who use their influence, bribery of public officials and intimidation for material gain.

Well Mr. senator, are you willing to pick up the challenge?

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spot on schumey