Saturday, March 12, 2011

Had We Been Complacent

Had we been complacent, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo could still be sitting as president if not prime minister of the Philippines. She had laid the groundwork that could have turned her 9-year rule into another dictatorship. She had the lower house and the supreme court but fortunately for us, not the senate. Money flowed in 2007 to make sure she got the senate but despite this, the people voted otherwise. The military was not completely hers either. She had the bigwigs in her pocket but not the other officers.

Institution after institution fell to her onslaught. Everyone submitted to her as she clearly micromanaged everything to ensure her absolute control. Pres. Cory Aquino may have saved our country again when she passed away. Noynoy Aquino was elevated to the presidency because of this. Had it not been for the late president, a Villaroyo could have ascended to the presidency. Guns, goons and gold did not work its magic in the 2010 elections. Even Erap fell by the wayside.

Despite Gloria's stepping down, remnants of her influence are still there to protect her. The SC shot down anything that could harm Arroyo. But the peole were beginning to realize that Gloria's unseen hand was still controlling the SC. The people's ire now trained on the SC. To save their necks, the justices had to have a scapegoat. They would not go down with Gloria's ship. They had to give somebody's head to the irate public. Omb. Merciditas Gutierrez was the anointed one. She is the sacrificial lamb. Her impeachment can still delay the Aquino administration. Arroyo's behind would be protected even for just awhile.

Rep. Fariñas is set to impeach 7 of the justices of the SC. They now cry foul and insinuates that the administration wants an Aquino Supreme Court. What's wrong with that? If that's the only way for reforms to be achieved then so be it. Impeachment is the only way we can make the SC accountable for whatever wrongs they have done. Nothing to be afraid of that if the SC is indeed clean. Nothing to worry about if indeed the current SC is not an Arroyo SC. Rep. Fariñas is right, it is only through impeachment that the SC can answer the accusation hurled against them.

Gloria Arroyo's henchmen are falling one by one. At least Angie Reyes got off easy. That rest of her gang will get their asses whooped. Thank God we're not a country of fence-sitters. We were not complacent and watched intently the goings on during Arroyo's reign. We may not have all gone out in the streets but we surely concerned ourselves with what Gloria was up to. In the end, evil did not triumph. With the new presidency, at least our small voices are heard.