Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Jamby Should Have Done

Manny Villar would be hanging out to dry if only Jamby did her homework well. Instead of focusing on the overpricing and insertion angle, she should have concentrated on conflict of interest. Even if she presented a hundred witnesses, the case against Agent Orange would not hold. You see, all of them were in collusion. They will cover each other's ass. It's but logical that she will not get anything from any of them.Justify Full
What she should have done is to show how Villar benefited from the C-5 extension. It has been Villar's modus operandi is to cloak his operation in the guise of road projects that as he claims would benefit the residents of a certain area.The diversion of the C-5 extension passes thru his properties and developments. This not only increases the value of his projects but gives access to his buyers making their travel more convenient.

If you are familiar with the area, Villar diverted the C-5 to Zapote.You will see how narrow the exit point would be. The most logical way the C-5 should have gone is through Kabihasnan which exits to the Coastal Road. To pass it through Las Piñas is simp[ly impractical. Thise passing through the C-5 extension now has to pass through Zapote. If you're going to Las Piñas by way of the Coastal Rd., you will be surprised by counter flowing vehicles. You'll have to contend with huge trailers, buses, jeeps, cars and tricycles. This could lead to accidents and horrendous traffic. During nighttime, it becomes even more dangerous.

Villar sure knows how to take advantage of road projects to benefit his business. Just imagine the billions he had saved in developments by using public funds. Had Madrigal focused on this, Villar's political career could have ended. This is much simpler and easier to prove. Another road in question is the Daang-hari which was developed in the guise of connecting Alabang with Cavite. Along this road and to the area it exits lies several subdivisions owned by Villar. This is another case the senate should look at. Sen. Biazon is familiar with this as the residents of Alabang and Las Piñas were protesting against this.

Villar is a calculating, exploitative and opportunistic politician. He is not a public servant but a wise businessman. He uses his position for his personal gain. This is the person who can look you in the eye and tell you he is squeaky clean. If a person can lie through his teeth, he doesn't deserve anyboby's vote. Don't be fooled by this person. All he is after is how much money he can earn.