Sunday, November 15, 2009

Villar's Secret To Success

The Land Registration Commission is the secret to Manny Villar's success. This is where he got the idea of what business he should go into. Working there opened the doors of riches for this opportunistic animal. This is where the generations of residents of Las Piñas the hard reality that your ancestors may have lived in these lands but a piece of paper can destroy your lives. This is how Villar got to where he is now. Technically, he did nothing wrong, but morally, this is where it all goes downhill. How many residents woke up one morning landless? They are definitely not just few. Ask those who were displaced by Villar's diabolical intelligence and they will point you right to Villar. If I remember right, several individuals sued him for this. I'm not sure though if these cases have been resolved. I don't think they are.

If the land he's interested in is owned by someone else, he'll buy all the lands around it leaving the owner with a useless land. What good would it be if the owner has no way in or out of his property? The only solution is to sell it to no other than but Villar. In fact, this is the very same strategy he using against the sisters of Elizabeth Seton. The school is a prime property which is located beside Villar's compound in BF Resort. He has managed to buy most of the properties in the area with Seton being a tough nut to crack. He's been harassing the school to get them to sell but to no avail. This billionaire sure knows his way arounmd. This is the person who now wants to be the next president of the country. If you think he had concentrated his ownership only in Las Piñas, you are dead wrong. He's doing this in different parts of the Luzon. From Cavite to Antipolo, you will see his hand grabbing whatever he can. Ganya kasipag at katiyaga si Manny Villar.

Recently, SM opened a hypermart in Las Piñas. This is the second in this small crowded city. Las Piñas has no drainage system. The numerous subdivisions have to construct their own sewerage system. SM wanted to connect theirs to Philam Life but the residents rejected their offer and brought their case to the incumbent mayor. Despite Villar's efforts to give SM what it wants, the city government ruled against it. They were able to tap the system of a very small village right across SM. This village's sewer is connected to Manuela Subdivision. This has led to flooding in the area.

Las Piñas used to be a salt producing municipality due to its prximity to Manila Bay. Since Villar has bought many of these areas, the natural spillway was covered up. Now the residents of Tramo, Pulang-lupa and Zapote experiences flood levels never before experienced in Las Piñas. In fact, the Jollibee branch in Zapote was submerged nearly to its roof during typhoon Milenyo's onslaught. Houses in the areas mentioned have also been damaged by floods especially during Ondoy. This is how environmentally concerned Villar is. Check out the waterways of the city which has been converted to sewers.

Cynthia's family isn't that rich. The Basa's actually owned most of the lands in Las Piñas. Things were good back then when Villar wasn't married yet to Cynthia. Only when Villar entered the city did things go haywire. Informal settlers came in and nature wreaked havoc on the city thanks to his Golden Haven Cemetery and his subdivisions. Speaking of his subdivisions, these developments target, you guessed it, the OFWs. What a way to sell not only himself but his developments by making it appear that he cares for the OFWs. I don't think Villar would like to see an end to labor migration, who else would buy his projects? That is the reason why he's been very "ma-C5 at taga" for so many years. These OFWs are his bread and butter.

Manny Villar can be the worst president the Philippines would ever have. That is of course people would believe this Agent Orange of a politician. He epitomizes what is ugly in politics. No he will not kill you outright but will drive you to the ground for every drop of blood that flows in your veins. He's not a leech but a parasite that feeds on the weak and the ignorant.