Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Stinking Hellhole

School is suppose to educate and energize the youth. It's the least we can do to give our kids a brighter future. But the government's lack of foresight and penchant for kickbacks have caused serious harm to our once great education system. With life getting harder by the day, migration from private schools to the public has been rising every year. As more and more transfer, it overcrowds our public schools. Lack of classrooms, tables and chairs to the very latest shortage, comfort rooms!

To address the shortage of classrooms, public schools have three shifts a day to be able to accommodate the students. Up to 80 students are packed into classrooms built for only for 45. Construction of classrooms is overtaken by the huge population of every school. Teachers are overworked as well as more and more of their ranks are forced to seek employment elsewhere.

But schools have learned to adopt to the changing times. To address the growing numbers of enrollees, no space is wasted. Every square inch of school grounds are used just to accommodate the kids. The quality of education is dropping fast. With it is the lessening proficiency of our students. Teachers are swamped with too much work and with very little pay. They are left to their own devises just to be able to remain true to their unholy vows. The sufferings do not end there, with the lack of rooms comes the lack of comfort rooms as well. Certain schools have make do with 600 persons for every comfort room. This is simply unimaginable with many more unusable.

The school is our children's second home. It is a place where our children should learn. The government both local and national is duty bound to see to it that the needs of the students are met. Despite the numerous taxes we pay, the government is unable to construct the needed facilities for our students. Already cramped like sardines, the last thing they need is a stinking CR. Because of our governments ineptness, our public schools have become stinking hellhole!