Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bolante Update

It's out, an undersecretary of the Dept. of Agriculture testified in Jocjoc Bolante's asylum case in the US. To refresh your memory, Bolante was involved in the P3billion fertizer fund scam which was diverted to GMA's presidential campaign kitty back in 2004. Bolante has been serving prison time in Chicago and has filed an appeal for his case.

Atty. Harry Roque has been actively following the case and was the one who unmasked the witness. The undersecretary is still in active service. Palace parrot, USec. Golez defended the usec. and said that it might have been in his personal capacity and perception that DA Usec. Montes testified for Bolante. Montes asserted that there are threats to Bolante's life from the Philippine Senate.

Golez added that Roque should bring the case to the proper courts. Well, the senate did send the recommendations to the Ombudsman but agency has been sitting on the case. They said that Bolante is no longer a government official but they would still look into it. Such is the culture of impunity that pervades in our country. Accountability simply does not exist. With all agencies controlled by Gloria, justice can never be had.

The only threat Bolante is facing is the possibility that with his testimony, Gloria could be indicted in the fertilizer scam. The information Atty. Roque has discovered is another expose that could send chills up GMA's spine. Montes being an undersecretary is an alter ego of Gloria. The palace hand has been caught in the cookie jar again. The palace will be in panic mode again and would lie through its teeth to muddle the issue. So the ghost of the fertilizer scam has come back to haunt Gloria. The embattled illegitimate president will have to throw in more rhetorics to divert the people's attention. Unresolved scandals continue to hound her till her last days in office.

We have to make sure that should she step down, her successor would give the people the elusive justice we all seek. And let's all be vigilant so that GMA cannot pull a fast one on us through another Charter Change.